Luminous Studio Salon has a team of highly qualified technicians who can satisfy all your colouring desires from partial high/low lights to an ammonia free full Color change. You also have the option of an appointment with our creative director Carolin.

  • Creative Color / Flashes
  • 3D Color / Shine lines
  • Highlights / Streaks
  • Global Color
  • Root Touch Up


  1. All colour prices may be subject to change and will be confirmed on your visit
  2. All Clients must have an up to date skin sensitivity test 48 hours prior to any colouring services.
  3. A complimentary rough dry with one of our experienced stylist is provided after every colour appointment.
  4. If you wish to have your hair blow dried by one of the Styling Team, then this will be charged accordingly. Please confirm if this is required at the time of booking.

Colour is the best way to enhance your look as it can create 3 dimensional depth and movement. Be it a full head of colour, highlights, panel colour or the elegantly beautiful grey coverage.

Global Colour

Complete coloring of hair. It is done for grey hair and for darkening or lightening the natural color of the hair

Root Touch up

Means touching up the Color to the root portions of light and gray hair

Color Men Duration
Root Touch Up 800 45mins
Global Color 1200 60mins
Creative / Flashes 700 60mins
3D Colour / Shine lines 1400 90mins
Highlights / Streaks 2000 60mins
Men Duration
1000 45mins
1400 60mins
900 60mins
1600 90mins
2200 60mins
Color WOMEN Duration
Root Touch Up 1000 60mins
Crown Touch Up 600 60mins
Own Color - Rouch up 800 60mins
Own Color - Global 1400 90mins
Global Color - short hair 2000+ per tube 90mins
Global Color - medium hair 2000+ per tube 90mins
Global Color - long hair 2000+ per tube 90mins
WOMEN Duration
1200 60mins
800 60mins
1000 60mins
1600 90mins
2200+ per tube 90mins
2200+ per tube 90mins
2200+ per tube 90mins

Creative Colours

Are for the funky and adventurous. They make a loud statement discreetly!

Creative / Flashes (not full head) cool Color 800 60mins
Creative / Flashes (not full head) warm Color 800 60mins
1000 60mins
1000 60mins

3D Colour / Shine lines

Service uses multiple, complementary shades to give your hair a naturally multi-dimensional look. As you turn your head, the light catches your hair and reveals subtle hints of nuanced colour. Beautifully sophisticated

3D colour / Shine lines Short 2700 90mins
3 D Color/Shine lines Medium 3700 90mins
3 D Color/Shine lines Long 5700 90mins
2900 90mins
3900 90mins
5900 90mins


Can range from the subtly sophisticated to the bolder looks. Contrasting streaks of one shade of colour against the base colour of your hair makes a fashion statement and adds another dimension to your look

Highlights / Streaks - short 3000+ 90mins
Highlights / Streaks - medium 4000+ 90mins
Highlights / Streaks - long 6000+ 90mins
3200 90mins
4200 90mins
6200 90mins
Highlights/Streaks - crown section short 2200 90mins
Highlights/Streaks - crown section medium 3200 90mins
Highlights/Streaks - crown section long 4200 90mins
2400 90mins
3400 90mins
4400 90mins