Cut & Style

The Luminous Studio Salon is recognized as a best salon through its sophisticated haircuts, colouring and styling techniques. We offer a range of stylists to suit your budget and requirements. From our juniors who are home grown and trained with one to three years experience to our senior stylists who are true experts in their profession. For that special occasion why not check availability and let Luminous Studio create something truly unique.

Hair Cut

Includes hair wash with shampoo,conditioning & styling of hair

Cut & Style Senior Stylist Creative Director
Hair cut - Women 1200 2000
Hair cut - Men 600 1000
Shave / Trim or style 250 500

Hair Style

To dry or style (shampooed or wet hair) with a blow-dryer or blow-comb

Blow dry Women
Blow dry 500 onwards


Is for removing dirt and oil from the hair and scalp

Shampoo (Wella) 250 200
Shampoo (SKP) 250 200
Shampoo (Loreal) 300 150
Shampoo (GP) 300 150
Shampoo (Normal) 150 100
Own Shampoo 150 100

Hair Conditioning

Helps in damage control and repair mechanism

Conditioner Women Men
Conditioner (Wella) 250 200
Conditioner (SKP) 250 200
Conditioner (Loreal) 300 150
Conditioner (GP) 300 150
Conditioner (Normal) 150 100
Own Conditioner 150 100


There are three general kinds:

  1. Curling Irons - used to make the hair curly
  2. Straightening Irons - commonly called straighteners or flat irons, used to straighten the hair
  3. Crimping Irons -used to create crimps of the desired size in the hair

PEP UP Women
Ironing/Tonging/Curls 800
Put up /Hair style 700